Improving Rate of Cure

Some physicians have better cure rate than the others. It is so in nearly all the healing systems but why? One simple answer is that one is more skilled than the other. Fine, skill of the doctor definitely matters but is it the only factor? Factually there are several other factors too. One of those is the intention of both patient and the physician. What both feel matters a lot. Very briefly, it can be summarized as under.

The Patient:
  • If the patient is complaining type, always unhappy and dissatisfied with nearly everything, he does not mentally send positive messages to the universe. His inadvertent negativity becomes a hurdle in the way of cure.
  • Another person who feels that he is very sick and that he might not get cured, might actually no get cured because he is continuously asking the universe that he is incurable.
The Physician:
  • Undoubtedly, there are some (not all) physicians who consider the patient nothing more than a money machine. Their intention is to prolong the case as much as possible and squeeze patient's pocket as much as possible without becoming doubtful. Apart from being unethical, this attitude acts as a block between the patient and his cure. Such physicians do not understand that if the cure is delayed, the patient is likely to move over to some other physician.
  • They also don't realize that after all how much can they get from one patient. Would it not be better to work with sincerity for the patient and do the best so that the patient gets cured and starts referring others as well? Would it not only increase their income but also enhance their cure rate and add to their reputation? Surely it will.
  • Other than the psychologists, majority of the doctors seldom studies the thought pattern of their patients and advise them to change of necessary.

Having positive intentions and using mind power correctly does not cost anything. It only needs a change in the way of thinking. If done, rate of cure will surely improve and the results will certainly be positive both in favor of the patient as well as the doctor.

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