Is Homeopathy Slower in Action?

A sizable section of the population thinks that homeopathy is slow in action. This opinion is the result of either lack of information and understanding or based on anti-homeopathy propaganda which has been going on for more than two decades. In fact it is just the opposite. Much can be written on this topic but I am keeping this article very brief because majority does not like to read long articles. The idea is to highlight that homeopathy is not slow. The cure time depends on nature of the case in addition of several other factors.

Practically, homeopathic medicines are NOT slower in action. The tendency is to go for homeopathic treatment only after the traditional system becomes helpless. In chronic cases, the treatment through traditional system goes on for years and years with no cure but none calls it slower. When after having been disappointed with allopathic treatment, people resort to homeopathic treatment, the case is already complicated with cause(s) of the ailment deeply dug in. In such cases, expecting quick cure and calling homeopathic system slower is not fair.

The fact is that in higher potencies homeopathic medicines often begin their action immediately giving visible results in minutes. However, while evaluating, you must keep nature of the case in mind. In case of alopecia (falling of hair) for example, no medicine on God's earth will stop the hair from falling overnight. Similarly if you treat someone for chronic arthritis, would it be reasonable (even sensible) to expect the cure overnight? There are instances where the pains can be relieved in minutes. For example, the pain of angina pectoris can be easily alleviated in less then 10 minutes. In certain cases of abdominal pain, I have practically got the results in just about 5 to 10 minutes. What else? How quicker should homeopathy be than this? There are countless other instances where homeopathy works faster than any other system that uses medicines in physical form. If the medicine, its dose and potency have been correctly selected, the results are reasonably fast, depending on the nature of the case of course, as written earlier. So, the impression that homeopathy works slower is only false and unjustified.

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