When does homeopathy fail?

Homeopathy is a healing system that works very well but actually it is the users of the system who might use it correctly, incorrectly or partially. Homeopathy works on symptoms but most of the homeopaths complain that the patients are very reluctant to give out the details for either their privacy or they think that such and such symptom has no relevance to their ailment. Usual answer to many questions asked by homeopath is, “I have not noticed”, “I can’t say” or “I am not sure”. This is where things begin to go wrong. Incomplete or inaccurate information is provided to the homeopath who needs details to arrive at correct conclusion and decide on correct medicine. If the patient does not give the details for whatever reason, homeopath is not likely to be able to chalk out correct treatment plan. So the net result is that the patient is not benefited as much as he/she should be, which shakes their faith in homeopathy and even the homeopath. So decide for yourself who fails; homeopathy, homeopath or the patient.

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